Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost 2011

Well, my plans to be more active on the blog didn't end up working out. I'm thankful though that we've had alot to keep us busy the past couple months. Visits from family, holiday's, and things around the homestead.
The weather here has been so odd. Yesterday the girls were wading in the pond & again today we had temps in the 70's. It looks like a cold front is moving in tonight so I guess the winter temps will be back soon.
As for our new year's eve our plans are to stay around home. Tyler's girlfriend and one of my nephew's will be here to celebrate. We're having tacos, pico, and cookies.
My daughter and I have ventured in to starting our own business which I plan on sharing here after the new year as well.
I think 2011 will be a productive year. We've got a list of projects to be done & food storage is coming along. Hubby still has his job so we're just praying things will work out the way they should. No sense in worrying too much about it any longer.
I suppose I should go get supper started.
Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!!