Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu for March

I've decided to go back to doing my main shopping 1x a month. Here's what's on the menu for the month:

Breakfasts- eggs, sausage, bacon, oatmeal, granola, toast, french toast, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, gravy, applesauce muffins, ham, smoothies

Lunches- left-overs, salad, sandwiches (tuna, turkey, ham, cheese, pb&j, blt), pita with guac or hummus, crackers & cream cheese or peanutbutter, applesauce, fresh fruit

Snacks or to-go bags- vienna sausages (I hate these but the kids & hubby love them), nuts, granola, string cheese, crackers, yogurt


1-bean burritos, chips & salsa

2-crunchy tacos, rice

3-flautas, rice, salad

4- enchilada casserole, rice, mexi-corn

5-spaghetti, meatballs, garlic rolls

6-feticcuine w/clam sauce, garlic rolls

7-lasaguna roll-ups, garlic toast, salad

8-vegetable soup, crackers

9-chicken stirfry, fried rice

10-blueberry pancakes, sausage

11-fritata w/veggies, biscuits

12-lentil soup, cornbread

13-chicken fried stead, mash pot w/gravy, green beans

14-chicken in white sauce, mash pot, peas

15-homemade chicken nuggets, baked pot, corn on cob

16-pork cutlets, rice, honey carrots

17- grilled pork chops, sweet potatoes, peas

18- shish kabobs (steak, peppers, mushrooms) grilled potatoes w/onions

19-grilled rib eyes, boiled green beans w/potatoes, cornbread

20- grilled pork steaks & hot dogs, macaroni salad

21- crockpot stew, cornbread

22-crockpot pintos

23- crockpot beef tips & rice, peas

24- crockpot pork roast w/sour kraut, potatoes, mustard greens

25- sloppy joes, fries

26- mexican cornbread casserole, salad, & fruit cobbler

27-hamburgers, fries

28-boiled shrimp, corn, & potatoes

29- pizza


To fit my budget I've set for the next 30 days I will be making just about everything from scratch that I can. I will also buy a couple of things still every week like a gallon milk, lettuce, & fresh fruit. Other than that my shopping is done!

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