Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sheltering question

Today I am going to take a minute to get "deep." I have been asked in the past & then recently again about sheltering our children. For one thing I really don't think just because we homeschool our children automatically means we "shelter" them. In fact there are some times I wonder if I should have done it more.
With the world we live in there are so many things that used to be considered "bad" or "unspeakable" that are just accepted as "normal" these days. It sadens most Christians including myself.
I have been forced to teach my children about some things sooner than I would have due to things being put around us. Teenage pregnancy, unwed mothers, homosexuality, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, favoritism, etc. I'm not claiming to be perfect either, I have my own faults too, but the above sort-of just fell into our laps through extended family.--None of which go along with God's word.
So for sheltering, I've had to address these questions from the children on a "need to know" basis. --I won't lie to my children so when a question comes up I answer it honestly & try to put it into words they could understand at the time but with no "extras" added in. We do however refer to the Bible with explainations for why we should or should not do things so this has helped.
Anyway while I will not picket or fight with some of the people mentioned above, after years of trying to do what I thought was best we have had to cut ties with some.
Another question I get is how are you claiming to be Christian but judging these people. Well, the way I see it is they have to see their own sins. I don't hate these people, I feel for them as lost souls. We pray for them but this does not mean putting my children or myself in their lives daily. We are called as parents to protect our children's hearts. We also have to protect our own.
I've been caught up in the gossip game with others in the past. Even if I didn't technically SAY anything, the fact that I listened & didn't walk away or say something to change the subject was my fault. When we are around people like this after a while I have seen changes in myself. I start to look at people more critically, take things too personally, and this does nothing but put me in a bad mind. Our children are the same.
In an AOP devotion I read today it says this:
"Although we are to reach the lost with the love of Christ, God exhorts us to remember that we are his temple (2 Corinthians 6:16)There's only one way to reach the world yet remain separate & holy to God. We must yoke ourselves to Him "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me. (Matthew 11:29a)"

Lord, Please forgive me for giving in to sin
Please help us to teach our children your rules & laws & not give in to the lies of the world.
Help us to be good examples & a witness to you.

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