Monday, September 5, 2011

LABOR Day...

So the guys are off from work today!
We've been enjoying the unordinarily cool weather in the 80's. So my husband decided with the 3 day weekend we'd get going on the new pig pens. We've got the main beams concreted in the ground. -This took much time & muscle from my husband & son as the ground back there is soooooo hard.
They have gone to home depot for the wood to frame the roof. The actual roof will be tin that we got for FREE! Woo hoo! We already have the gate & most of the pannels so other than the roof it's not costing us too much. (Wood has gone up like everything else though)
Yesterday after a day of working we made a trip to Sams and then enjoyed the evening out on the porch. We made bbq chicken, mexican corn, baked potatoes, & lemon pound cake. The cake was on sale at Sams and oh my is it good! I see that as a yummy breakfast with my coffee for the next couple of days....I'm so bad. lol
Today we'll be grilling again this evening. Hamburgers this time & probably just chips to go with them as we'll be busy.
I will share some pictures of the pen when we finish & also probably have it on our youtube channel. --I'm really enjoying the youtube!
Hope ya'll have a fun labor day.

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