Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I Love Rummage Sales

There are so many neat things you can use & then again you will sometimes find a bunch of old, broken junk. It doesn't matter to me or most of the women in our family. We just love to go!
Being as the holiday's are approaching I thought I'd share some of the things I look for & why...
plates: If you find a pretty plate it makes a great tray for putting homemade treats for Christmas gifts. Just wrap it all up with some celophane & tie on a pretty bow & card. A great gift. This is also good as it can be for the whole family so it saves money.
Cups & saucers: When I find a set of cute ones I get them. You can put in a few herbal tea bags, or some hot chocolate mix and perhaps a cute spoon or candy cane. Wrap it all up & tie on a bow for a nice get well, birthday, or whatever gift.
Canning jars: Well, because I can foods and you can use them for those cute gifts in a jar type things.
Ribbon: for just about everything.
Old cookie sheets & muffin tins: When the children were little I would use cookie sheets for them to do artwork on. (like instead of laying down newspaper) Muffin tins make great sorters and paint cups.
Material: If it's not all stained up I will buy it and then use for quilts, or whatever. This includes using table clothes, pillow cases, & large skirts.
Holiday decorations: I used to not decorate too much for the holiday's but lately I've been getting into the spirit of it. I found some nice Christmas decorations & a croched tablecloth the other day for only $1 each.
I know what things normally cost so I only buy if they are a good deal.
So next Saturday get up early and head on might see me there.

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