Friday, June 10, 2011

My Friday & Homeschool Planning

I've already got the tomatoes on the stove to boil for spaghetti sauce. I decided that since I've got the peppers & spices I'll go ahead and season this batch up. (The others I've done this year are plain)
Also today I think my mom, niece, & nephew are going to come over and swim. It looks to be in the high 90's again. The pool stays shaded about half through the day so that is nice. What's not nice is, and I do this almost every year, I swam & layed on my raft yesterday with my daughter & guess who's got a sunburn today??? Not too bad but I'm a pinky face, sholders, back, etc. Today the sunscreen will be loaded on!
While my sauce is simmering, I'm trying to plan out next year's homeschool curriculum. A little while back we changed some things & I think I've finally found a good balance of what we do. We are mostly of what I like to call "Real learning." We do a math curriculum (saxon) and then lots of reading, writing & practical "real" learning. Gardening, animal care, cooking, canning, caring for the home, shopping, budgeting, shopping, and of course we start our day off with devotions & Bible reading.
Things I am thinking of ordering this year are:
Apologia Botany
A good sketch pad (or the notebook thing that goes along with the botany book)
good colored pencils
I already have everything else & more so unless something pops out at me as I'm browsing the RR & CBD websites that will probably be all we need.

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