Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Saturday

My daughter & I got up early and went to a bunch of yard sales. We didn't spend much but did bring home a few treasures!
Then the kids went to a local fall festival parade. Hubby & I took a drive over to a farm where they sell feed corn for a better price than the feed stores. We bought 10 bags. This will feed the pig & the cracked corn the chickens. They also had sweet potatoes in 40lb boxes for sale. We bought one of those too.
While there the nice farmer showed us around. We got to see how the grain grinder thing worked & another machine that filled and then sewed the bags shut. He also shared with us all about how they started the farm there over 50 years ago, about the big grain bins, elevator & more. It was very interesting & we both appreciated the information.
After that drive we stopped off at a little convenience store out in the country & got some cream soda's. ~yum~
We took the long way home & arrived just about the same time the kids did.
While hubby and kids fed the animals & fixed the tiller I got dinner started.
We had baked sweet potatoes (of course) and grilled pork chops. We also had some left-over blueberry pound cake from the other day.
My daughter & I played around on the trampoline, son visited his girlfriend, and hubby watched a little tv.
Now we're about ready to go to bed. It was a long, fun day!

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