Sunday, January 1, 2012

So here we are again! It's 2012!

Last night we spent with family and a friend popping fireworks and visiting.

Today we're making the traditional southern new years meal. Cabbage & black eyed peas. With it we're having grilled pork steaks and un-fried jalapeno poppers. (the recipe for the poppers is on here just click on recipes)

As with every year I've taken inventory of much in my life. I have decided to make some changes and improvements. Getting back to a schedule, budgeting, and meal planning mostly. Another big one is we're changing homeschool curriculums.

My daughter has improved greatly in her reading and math skills so it's time to move it on up because I feel like what she has now is mostly busy work and she needs some new stuff!

With great consideration and prayer we've decided to switch to Ace School of Tomorrow homeschool version.

I have also started clearing out my homeschooling books. I plan on putting quite a bit on our local homeschool board. If it doesn't sell there I'll do ebay.

So I hope to keep up more on my blog but I say that alot and life just gets busy. I will really try though.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful new year!

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