Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deals for the week...

First let me say, I don't normally shop at County Market, as the stores around here aren't in the best of areas. However, you can take your ad to Wal-mart & they will match the prices so that is what I do. There is alot on sale, but I'll share the things I would possibly use or buy:

Del Monte Ketchup .88 for 24oz bottle (I've tried homemade ketchup & org & we really don't care for any we've tried so far)
Tony Chachere's Rice Mix .88 for 8oz box (their dirty rice is pretty good if you don't like to make your own)
5lb bag red potatoes $1.48
Jumbo roma tomatoes .98 lb.
Fresh green onions 2/.88
Florida sunburst tangerines 10/$1.99
3lb. bag red delicious apples $2.98
Sunkist tuna .58 (not as good as the .44 deal I got a while back, but not bad for today's prices)

Brookshires Deals:
3lb bag boneless/skinless chicken breast fillets 2/$10
hass avocados $1 each (says large & my daughter loves them. Fish tacos are on the menu so I'll probably get a few)
Charmin tp & bounty towels 8pk 2/$10
Maxwell house coffee 4/$10 (hubby takes coffee thermos everyday to work)
Kotex fem care 4/$10 I think I have coupons for this!
Colgate toothbrushes 10/$10
Cabot cheese 2/$4 (My favorite is the white sharp cheddar)
There are many other 10 for $10 deals this week there too. No where do I see where you HAVE to buy 10 for them to be $1 each (unlike Kroger where you do). Brookshires also does double & triple coupons!

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