Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We've done some really neat things around our little homestead this past year. Really neat & really expensive for our budget. So we're tightening up around here. Since we have high-speed internet now I've been browsing over at you tube. ~I know some are against it and you do have to be careful with the kiddos due to content but there's alot of great information on there too.
I've found several videos with tips for saving money. You may like to check them out if you have time. Just type in frugal families, frugal living, etc.
Also today I need to restock my freezer with a meal or two for busy nights. We ate the chili last night so that was the last of my freezer meals.
One little tip I'll share is if you like to grill meats, always make extra & freeze some or refrigerate to use later in the week. You'll use the same charcoal & time so why not? Hamburgers, sausages, & pork chops already grilled freeze well. I will be honest though, I'm not a big fan of re-heated burgers...oh my! I will eat them, but I just think they are much better fresh. My family doesn't seem to mind at all though.

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