Thursday, September 16, 2010

Freezer Meals

I enjoy cooking most of the time, but we all have days where we're gone or just really don't want to go to the trouble of making, mixing, & cleaning up lots of things. So that's why I LOVE to have a freezer meal or two on hand for a night like tonight!

So, tonight we're having a really delicious meal with very little effort from me. We're having:

Beef enchilada casserole and a hearty green salad.

Casserole was in the freezer, now in the oven. Salad is some left-over lettuce and sliced cucumbers from yesterday and to that I'm sprinkling on a little bit of left-over chopped chicken breast and a boiled egg. (All already cooked & in the fridge)

The enchilada casserole is the same recipe as my rolled beef enchiladas that I already posted but I just layered the ingredients.

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