Friday, September 10, 2010

Homesteading updates

Let's see... my son now has a job 3 days per week. 4-h has started but we missed the first meeting because my daughter was sick. Is she better now? Well, she's happily swimming away in the pool with her cousin listening to the radio so I'd say yes! It only lasted a day!!!
I thank the Lord we've been blessed with good health. I really atribute that to our way of eating & living. We try to not take medicines & eat as natural as we can. Now if I could just get my weight down I'd be really happy. It's getting a tad cool in the mornings & evenings so I've been walking & doing more chores around here so I am hoping that will help...can't hurt! lol
If you have time I encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of my page & push play on the beautiful song by Katherine Scott while you read my pages.--Very peaceful.
So take care all and hope you have a blessed weekend.

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  1. The song is beautiful and I had not heard it. Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed reading your posts.