Friday, September 24, 2010

It is now officially fall...
It still is in the 90's here but there is a slight breeze here & there. So what does fall mean around here?
Clothes on the line. There is just something about hanging out the clothes that I enjoy. I usually do this in the early morning where I'm usually the only other person around. I here the chickens stirring & the dogs greet me but it's just usually a really calm and peaceful time. A short time to think & reflect on the day to come.
What else does this fall bring besides the better weather? Rain, I hope. We really need some. Also not as many homestead chores as the fall garden will tend to itself.
Another thing this fall brings is a change in our family. My son is driving now & working 3 days per week. It's quite different when he is gone during the days. Fall will also bring what will probably be our last halloween party where my daughter will want to dress up. Changing seasons, children getting older, mom getting older too!
I cautiously look forward to this fall & plan on taking many pictures...

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