Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working around the homestead

Yesterday we ended up borrowing my mother-in-laws power washer & went to town! Actually went to washing... We did the back porches, walls & skirting of the trailer, patio furniture, and more! It looks so much nicer now. We were going to do the front today, but the neighbors came over earlier & asked him to come help them with their plumming problems...yuck! Glad he's a good neighbor though.
So Tyler & I got the house cleaned up & Abby painted her big barbie house she's hoping to sell in the yard sale next week.
Did I mention that? We're having a yard sale on Saturday. I really do not enjoy having yard sales but I promised her that we would. I love to go to them, just not put them on. We're making it as easy as possible though. All clothing will be 25cents a piece & except for a few good items the rest will be good prices too. I want to get rid of it all!

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