Sunday, March 27, 2011

Organic, organic, organic...

From time to time I am asked if our vegetables, eggs, homestead are "organic." We don't routinely use pesticides on our garden, but have when needed. We do not feed our animals any feed with added hormones or give un-needed shots. BUT...are we "organic?" In a short answer, "No." To be qualified as organic you must meet many requirements that frankly I'm just not really interested in doing. We eat eggs from our chickens, pork & beef, vegetables from our garden, & fruit from our trees. We make most of our own soaps, laundry detergent, & cleaning products. So we're trying our best to do things for ourselves when possible. I think all of this "organic" stuff is great, but I think some people may need to do some research on what exactly "organic" means here in the U.S. Just paying more in the store doesn't mean it's always healthier.

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