Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've been very blessed with the amount of eggs we're getting this summer. We have 13 laying hens right now. So we get between 9-13 eggs per day!

Selling them has been pretty easy too. Seems many people realize the benefits of a more natural diet. I joined a food co-op and for the past couple of months they have placed orders too.

Our eggs are a mixture of dark brown, light brown, & light green. My hens that should be laying around October will be white egg layers.

So with all these eggs, what is my favorite way to eat them? Give me 2 eggs over easy with a slice of whole wheat toast any day!

There are, of course, many ways to enjoy eggs. Omlets, quiche, fritata, french toast, egg salad, etc. My daughter's favorite way is just boiled with a little dash of salt & pepper.

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