Saturday, June 19, 2010

Food Storage...

I must be honest, cooking & canning I know how to do, but the food storage aspect is fairly new to me. I am going to do my best this year to preserve at least most of the vegetables, sauces, & meats that we will use.

I've printed up some lists of things that I feel we "need" in the household & then food & other items that maybe aren't 100% necessities, but things we like to have around. ~example...peroxide is a need in case of injury, ketchup we all like but would survive without. lol

Today I thought I'd start with meats.

I must admit I'm blessed with the fact that other than a couple of chickens a month or some canned tuna I have not had to purchase meat at a grocery store in about 2 years!

I never thought that was possible, but here's how we have done it.

Beef- a friend raises a cow for us that will be ready in the fall. Come next spring we will be raising our own steer!

Pork- we raise our own hogs

Venison- I'm lucky to have 2 hunters that usually get at least a couple of deer a year, sometimes more.

Fish- I've also got fishermen. We live about 5 miles from a big lake so we usually have bream, catfish, perch, & bass in the freezer.

I have not canned meat, but I have canned the stock & it's delicious.I saw a recipe online for a chunky type beef stew that you can. I plan on trying this and also canning some of the beef in chunks this in broth.There are many recipes online to do this & my pressure canner came with some recipes as well.

Anyone have anything to share about this? Any recipes for storing meats? Just leave me a comment...

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  1. I have not canned meat before... froze yes. Let me know how it comes out. You are very blessed with the hunters in your family. My self I could not do it. I am a as long as its ready to cook I am there. LOL My Uncles spoiled me that way. Never knew if they had done it or the butchers had. Wish they were still hunting but they are just a little to old for that now. Thanks for the memories old younger days.