Monday, June 28, 2010


A new week. I am planning on staying around the homestead most of the week. Afterall homesteading is HOME steading! lol To get most of the things done around here that I want to accomplish means just that staying HOME. It's also where my favorite 4 people are...

In the kitchen today:
16 pints of tomato sauce put up
bread rising on the counter
flours ground & put into the freezer
soup & zucchini cornbread for supper!
In the home:
Bills paid
Home management binder cleaned out & organized
laundry done
floor mopped
bathroom cleaned
Around the homestead:
1 dog in heat set up in a kennel
eggs gathered
chicken fed & watered
ducks fed & watered
dogs fed & watered
pigs fed (still had water)
water & chlorine added to swimming pool

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