Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Salsa & Canning

I've got tons of tomatoes sitting on my counter & porch waiting to fully ripen. So tomorrow we will be making & canning salsa. There are several recipes here http://www.salsagarden.com/Canning_Salsas.html We will be using the "Home Canned Salsa" recipe. I will need to run to the store to get some onions, salt, & seals but other than that I have enough to make probably at least 5 batches.

My husband & son really like their salsa! lol

So far this season I've canned & stored:

strawberry preserves

Green beans

whole new potatoes

chopped potatoes

tomato juice

crushed tomatoes

enchilada sauce

pasta/spaghetti sauce

pizza sauce

Still in pantry from last season:

dill pickle spears

dill pickle slices

bread & butter pickles

pickled squash & onions

cowboy candy (candied jalapenos)

jalapeno pepper slices

banana pepper slices

green tomato salsa

It may seem strange, but it's so neat to open the pantry and see things that we've grown & preserved ourselves. ~Hard work pays off~

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