Friday, June 25, 2010

More Salsa

Ok. I'm just about tired of looking at tomatoes! lol
My husband said the salsa I made the other day was "ok" but requested I find a recipe without the vinegar in it as he didn't really like it "that much." ~He's been here while I've canned before & knows how much time & work goes into it so I don't think he'd dare say man.
So I found this recipe that doesn't use vinegar. This is the one I will be making today. (I will be using cilantro in place of the oregano though)
Our 17th wedding anniversary is tomorrow. We were trying to plan something to do last minute but really didn't come up with anything. Besides, I really haven't been feeling too great yesterday or today. I actually have a little surprise for him but it will be delayed 2 weeks...shh...
So today I'm trying to relax a bit this morning & drink a bit of coffee. Everyone else here is sleeping so it's pretty quiet.
If I feel better later I'm thinking we could all go for a drive. We like to go out through the country sometimes & just look. They are building a highway through around here & we haven't went and seen the progress in a while.
I hope ya'll have a nice day!

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