Saturday, July 24, 2010


Boy, it's been really hot & dry around here. It's all just about's been a great season with many, many jars on the shelves. Another summer garden come & almost gone.

So, plan for next year???

~Will plant half the tomato plants as we were WAY over on them.

~Plant more onions (and at the right time)

~Plant more corn

~Plant more potatoes & try the idaho variety (we've always just done new red potatoes)

~I found green beans quite a hassle. So to be honest I'll check prices at the stores & stands and may just buy those.

My pumpkins are starting to grow!

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  1. Good morning! I was just catching up on your blog and wanted to say hi. I completey agree with you on all the issues our children are faced with in this 'feel good' society. We have to protect them from so much, and teach them the real meaning of right and wrong. But thankfully we are blessed enough to be able to educate them in the 'school' designed by God~the family!

    Glad to hear you had a good canning season. I'm so jealous!

    Have a blessed day.