Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have a small home and in my small home there is not much room for storage, therefore there is quite a bit of clutter that if left for even a day or two seems to throw the whole house off! It doesn't look like we will be building our new house anytime soon (ugh) so I'm left to reorganize this one...again. So now I have a few things that I need that will help me. So I'm starting a list of things I want & need:

Plastic bins for blankets to be stored in closets(need several)

Big bookcase/shelf/armoir to hold board games, dvds, videos, books in hallway

New clothes baskets for kids rooms

Bigger projects to do in house:

Lay wood floors in living room, hall, & kitchen

Paint living room

Get new or used kitchen table & chairs (ours is pretty much shot)

Pannel kids rooms

Fix porch

I do not need all new things, I have been checking craigslist just about every day. I went to look at a kitchen table a couple weeks ago & it was not at all as described. I don't know if they thought I'd give them my money & take it anyway or what, but I'm not paying for something that's not as described.

Anyhow, today will be spent around home getting things together. Hope ya'll have a nice day!

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