Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long Weekend

My husband is off of work until Monday so we're looking forward to a long weekend spent together.
Today I need to make a trip into town to do a couple of errands & then back home.
I gave away a bunch of tomatoes the past couple of days so no canning for me today. I am guessing that in about 2 days I will be doing some more though. I'm thinking I will do pasta sauce or perhaps try ketchup. I would need to find a good recipe though as I've never made that before. Not sure if it would be worth the trouble as ketchup is pretty cheap. Of course, there would be the non-preservative/chemical benefits though so we'll see.
I am trying the best I can to keep things we cannot pronounce or don't exactly know what they are out of our meals. My mom has been telling me about the dyes in food having bad effects on children. ~My children aren't hyper or anything, but if it's not good for some kids it's probably not good for any!
I'm also going to get out my good old Nurishing Traditions book & plan out some of those. They are a bit time consuming but when you do some of the things for a while you see it's not that big of a deal.
So hope ya'll have a great weekend...I know we will! :)

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