Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not all homeschoolers fit into the same box...

I thought I'd share just a bit about how the Robinson is going....In a word, GREAT!

We've learned a few things already though...Saxon Algebra is a long lesson if you aren't familiar with it. The RC says to schedule in 1 hour for math so I did, but really thinking it wouldn't take nearly that, but after watching the lesson & doing the book problems (around 30) it does take the hour...or longer depending on how much your child focuses. ;) -The teacher cd is wonderful for the mom who may not be totally gifted in the art of algebra.
The reading is going ok too. To be honest I have really enjoyed the couple hours of silence the house has during this time. I have been reading during this time as well. The vocabulary is good also. We are also using the flash cards from "English from the roots up" as vocabulary to get Greek & Latin roots down. My daughter has already quoted some of them at different occasions so I know they are sinking in!!!
The writing assignments have been good for my daughter as she actually seems to enjoy writing stories. My son doesn't enjoy it at all, but it's getting done.
I've also enjoyed that they seem to already understand that "they" are responsible for their own work. Not coming to mommy every 5 minutes asking what to do, etc. They each have a calendar & a reading log that they fill in & I check off. I also check their math after they are finished. -That is one of the main focuses of the RC is to make them responsible for themselves.
So I would say the children rate it at a 5-6 (just because they would) I would rate it at a 9 because nothing is perfect! lol

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  1. Hi Ma! I'm glad you visited my blog and am glad to have found yours. I love reading about your homestead days. We are looking right now at what may be our little homestead in the future. I will need a lot of advice too so I'm sure that I'll be hitting you up! I can garden but don't know squat about animals. But I can't wait to have chickens and fresh eggs! Anyway, I've heard about Robinson but don't know much about it. I'm interested to see how your year goes. See y'all soon at 4-H!